MUS 200 Introduction to Music Education - Winter, 2013

Fridays 1:00 to 1:50 pm in PAC 1210


Instructor: Henry Duitman  Office: 1217 PAC, 331-2581

Email:  or  Office Hours: 3-5 Mon & Wed, 10-12 Fri or TBA


The course is open to all music majors and there are no additional prerequisites.


The course is designed to provide students with rudimentary experiences in pedagogical and theoretical knowledge of music education. Students will be encouraged to develop an objective view of the music education field and relate that view to their personal experiences and developing philosophy. Philosophical, psychological and pedagogical resources introduced in this course will serve as an introduction to insightful music education techniques and as a proper foundation to the students’ continuing development and eventual excellence as professional, practicing music educators. One semester for 1 credit hour. Meets once a week.


Upon successful completion of this course the student will:

    1. 1.have been exposed to a variety of teaching situations through observation, participation, and reflection.

    2. 2.have developed his/her presentation skills through demonstrations, discussions, and peer teaching experiences.

    3. 3.have been introduced to professional resources while continuing to develop her/his philosophy of music education.

    4. 4.have been exposed to master teachers teaching in the classroom.


Grading for this class is designed to reflect your own potential for success as a music teacher.  Good teachers exhibit the following characteristics:  They 1) are prompt, punctual, reliable, and actively participate in school activities  2) are diligent in completion of paperwork without being reminded, and 3) perform to high standards in front of the class in pedagogy and in musicianship.


  1. I.Quizzes on Readings and Lectures (10 points)

  2. II.Development of a Written Philosophy (10 points)

  3. III.Lesson Plan (10 points)

  4. IV.Teaching a Song, Mini-Lesson (10 points)

  5. V.Classroom Observations/MMC Session Report (10 points)

  6. VI.Journal Article Reports (10 points)

  7. VII.Master Teacher Video Reports (10 points)

  8. VIII.Final Exam (30 points)



  1. A    >93 pts     A-  93-90

  2. B+  89-86      B    85-82     B-   81-78

  3. C+  77-74    C    73-70

  4. D    <70

  5. F   < 60

NOTE: Late assignments are graded down at the rate of 5% points a day.


You are allowed to miss or be late to only one class with no effect on your grade. After that, you will lose one-third of a letter grade (+ or -) per tardy or absence. I will not review class material missed because of students’ inadequate time management skills. You are responsible for class material. University related functions or emergency circumstances will be given separate consideration.  You are responsible for making any special absence requests.

NOTE: The grade will be automatically lowered for papers which are late for any reason.


  1. Mark, M. & Madura, P. (2010). Music Education in Your Hands.  NY: Routledge.  ISBN: 0-415-80090-0. 

  2. Internet Access.


Stambaugh, L. (1996). Special learners with special abilities. Music Educators Journal, 83(3), 19-23.

Hamme. A. M. (2001). Special learners in elementary music classrooms: A study of essential teacher competencies. Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, 20, 9-13.

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de l'Etoile, S. K. (2005). Teaching music to special learners: Children with disruptive behavior disorders. Music Educators Journal, 91(5), 37-43.

NOTE: Other assigned articles may be added during the semester.


1) Drop Deadline with a grade “W” is March 8

2) Final Exam: Tentatively set for TUES, April 23 at 2 pm

3) If there is any student in this class who has special needs because of learning, physical or other disability, please contact the Office of Academic Support (OAS) at 331-2490.  Please discuss this with the instructor if you have any additional questions.

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