Dr. B. Sango Otieno


Current  Address

1904 Cher Court

Wooster, OH 44691.

(330) 345-6325.




q      Ph.D., Statistics, 2002, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. (U.S.A)

q      Thesis Title: An Alternative Estimate of Preferred Direction for Circular Data

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Christine M Anderson-Cook.

q      M.Sc., Statistics, 1994, Egerton University (Kenya)

Thesis Title: Exponential and Gamma Time Series Models

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Dankit K. Nassiuma.

q      B.Sc.(Hons), Mathematics and Statistics, 1990, Egerton University  (Kenya)

q      Certificate in Crop Weather Modeling, 1996, Meteorological Service, Bet Dagan (Israel).



Aug 2003 to Present:               Grand Valley State University

Assistant Professor of  Statistics.

Aug 2002 to May 2003:          The College Of Wooster

-Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

Aug 1999 to Dec 2001:           Virginia Tech,  -  Teaching Assistant

Aug 1998 to May 1999:          Northern Illinois University, -Teaching Assistant

Aug 1996 to May 1998:          Binghamton  University , -Teaching Assistant.

Sept. 1994 to Aug 1996:         Egerton University  - Assistant Lecturer

Oct. 1990 to Sept. 1994:         Egerton University - Teaching Assistant.



Aug 1999  to June 2002: Virginia Tech –Graduate Student Consultant

Consulted with non-statistics faculty and graduate students. Analyses included  Regression, Categorical Data, Non-Parametric Methods, Time Series and  Circular Data. Helped clients design and analyze experiments. Wrote reports for clients. Co-authored manuscripts at the request of clients. I worked with  over 50 clients from the departments of Engineering, Fisheries and Wildlife, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, Agronomy, Chemistry, Education and Human Resources and Sports



Research Areas:          - Directional Data

- Time Series Analysis

- Nonparametric Statistics

- Categorical Data Analysis


            Computing Platforms: Unix, Windows

            Programming Languages: SPLUS & SAS       

Statistical Software: SAS & SPLUS, some Minitab and SPSS.

            Text formatting and Office Computing: LaTex, MS Word, Excel.




1)         Nassiuma, D.K. and  B. Sango Otieno (1996). "An Introduction to the theory of estimation". Egerton University Press.

2)         B.Sango Otieno and  D.Nassiuma (2001). "Gamma and Exponential Auto-

            regressive Moving Average (ARMA) processes". Journal of Agriculture Science and Technology. Vol. 3, pp. 71-80.

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4)         Bergh, J.C., McCoy, C.W. and B. Sango Otieno. (2002). Diel periodicity of emergence of adult citrus rust mites in Central Florida. Journal of Experimental and  Applied Acarology. Vol. 26. pp. 169-185.

5)         B. Sango Otieno and Anderson-Cook, C.M. A More Efficient Way of  Obtaining a Unique Median Estimate for Circular Data. Journal of  Modern   Applied Statistical  Methods.  Vol. 3, , no. 1,   pp. 168-176.

6)         B. Sango Otieno and Anderson-Cook, C.M. Hodges-Lehmann Estimator of Preferred Direction  for Circular Data. Journal of  Nonparametric Statistics.  (Submitted  2003).



Professional Membership:

                        American Statistical Association (ASA):    2003.

                        Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS):  2000 – Present.

                        International Biometric Society (ENAR):    2002 – Present.

Mu Sigma Rho



1996: Israel Government Scholarship for a course on Crop Weather Modeling.