always running
the life and times of ed spier


my life has always been a mix of two basic items:  music

and running.  on this website you'll find out a little about these
two sides of me,  plus some stuff about work...just so i can pretend
i've been doing something work related during all these web design hours!



                                                                 "to give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."
                                                                                                                           -steve prefontaine

  pretending to run...

       running has been a huge part of my life since i was
     22 years old
and in desperate need of shedding some
     weight.  although i still 
use running to control my
     weight issues, running is now how i have fun, see
     my friends, and get to spend time in this great place
     in which we live.  click here to find out much more
     about my running than you ever wanted to know.....


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abe and his bone
                                                       "never look at the trombones. you'll only encourage them."
                                                                                       - richard strauss

ed at the gig    
    i've been playing trombone since i was 9 years old and
    have been playing bass guitar since i was 17 years old.
    i've even performed with some famous people....bob
    hope, bobby vinton, frankie valli, shari lewis (remember
    lamb chop?)...many theatrical performances, the circus
    and beauty pageants.  i'm now in two fine big bands here
    in west michigan.  click here to find out more.....


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other stuff

this is where i work:         my workplace

this is where i go to school:      gvsu logo

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