Corey Anton

Professor of Communication Studies at Grand Valley State University

My primary goal as a teacher is to help students become more competent and confident in their ability to study independently. I want to help them become lovers of life-long learning.

Students come to realize that college education is more than training for a job. It is about becoming a more open, sensitive, interesting, humane, thoughtful, articulate, inspired and inspiring person. Ideally, students become public intellectuals, people who learn to take deep and genuine pleasure in exercising their capacities to dream, to reason, and to create.

In his classic book on teaching, Begin Here, Jacques Barzun writes, “In the name of progress and method, innovation, and statistical research, educationalists have persuaded the world that teaching is a set of complex problems to be solved. It is no such thing. It is a series of difficulties. They recur endlessly and have to be met; there is no solution--which means also that there is no mystery.” I heartily agree with Barzun, and accordingly, I ask a great deal from my students, both in terms of their time and in terms of the intellectual challenges I pose to them. I believe that creativity as well as long-term commitment to learning comes from a trust in oneself that can be best fostered through challenging classes.

I also believe that teachers need to be more than merely learned. As Eric Hoffer suggests: “In times of great change, it is the learners who will inherit the earth, while the learned increasingly inherit a world that no longer exists.” And it is here, in this regard, that teaching needs to be informed by active scholarship. Scholarship enhances teaching, not merely through keeping apprised of the latest developments in the field, but also because of the intensity or ‘presence of mind’ that accompanies being an active scholar.

My favorite courses to teach are COM 271: History of Communication Technologies, COM 295: Theories of Communication, and COM 301: Interpersonal Communication. Teaching at GVSU for the past 12 years, I have had the chance to work with many wonderful and talented students, and they never cease to amaze me. In class I am always stimulated and challenged by their questions, and I learn a great deal from their papers. Students at GVSU are hard working, and our best students are as good as the best students anywhere. Many have landed desirable jobs upon graduation, and some have earned placement in highly selective graduate programs. It is a thrill and honor to be part of such a great enterprise.

Curriculum Vitae

Anton has presented numerous competitively selected papers at national and international conferences and has published dozens of scholarly articles in journals such as Communication Theory, Philosophy and Rhetoric, Human Studies, Semiotica, ETC, Bulletin of General Semantics, The Atlantic Journal of Communication, afterimage, Communication Studies, and The American Journal of Semiotics. He is a Past Chair and Program Planner for the Semiotics and Communication Division of NCA. Highly active in the Media Ecology Association, Anton is a trustee on the Board of Directors for the MEA and serves as the Editor for the journal Explorations in Media Ecology. Most recently Anton was named a Fellow of the International Communicology Institute, and a member of the Board of Trustees for the Institute of General Semantics

Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

Research Agenda

Working in the areas of communication theory, semiotics, phenomenology, philosophy of communication, media ecology, and rhetorical theory, Anton's has three recent works: First: SOURCES OF SIGNIFICANCE, a book in Purdue University's Philosophy and Communication Series, develops a neo-Stoic philosophy that acknowledges the sacredness of life and simultaneously opens new horizons of courage and purpose in the face of mortality. It is a book about heroism, gratitude, and the more than mundane register of everyday acts.

Second, the edited volume VALUATION AND MEDIA ECOLOGY: Ethics, Morals, and Laws explores how communication technologies shape, maintain, and/or alter moral practices and sensibilities regarding justice and the good. Noted scholars and media ecologists address how communication and communication technologies bear upon valuation, contemporary life, and the human condition more generally. Finally, Anton's most recently released book, a collection of essays called COMMUNICATION UNCOVERED spans the fields of general semantics, media ecology, semiotics, philosophy of communication, and communication theory more generally.

Selfhood and Authenticity

Winner of the 2004 Erving Goffman Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Social Interaction, presented by the Media Ecology Association

Explores the notion of selfhood in the wake of the post-structuralist debates.

Drawing upon numerous influential thinkers of the twentieth century, including Heidegger, Bakhtin, Merleau-Ponty, Sartre, Goffman, Schrag, and Taylor, Selfhood and Authenticity articulates the phenomenological constitution by which social construction is a real possibility. Anton brings phenomenology and existential philosophy to wider audiences and makes complex insights refreshingly lucid by systematically radicalizing and integrating the notions of embodiment, sociality, symbolicity, and temporality.

"Corey Anton is quickly becoming a major voice in the developing interdisciplinary field of communication and philosophy. Selfhood and Authenticity explores the landscape marked out in his investigations with a combined theoretical incisiveness and praxis-oriented understanding. It makes a very important contribution to the existing literature in the field." -- Calvin O. Schrag, author of The Self after Postmodernity

"Corey Anton's creative utilization of phenomenologies of embodiment as a basis for a communicative self is accentuated by a clear command of phenomenological literature. The discussion of sociality is excellent, and the explication of temporality is grand in scope. The work is, in other words, a short systematic treatise." -- Lewis R. Gordon, Brown University

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