Professor Daniel Bergman is an associate professor and chair of the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Grand Valley State University. Prior to his position at Grand Valley State University, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Kentucky in the Department of Physiology. He received his doctorate from Bowling Green State University, which was focused in the area of neuroscience.  He also has a bachelors of science degree from Bowling Green State University in biological sciences.  He spent additional time at the University of Michigan Biological Station as a researcher and taught Anatomy and Physiology at Kentucky State University.

Professor Bergman’s research lab is a multidisciplinary lab that works in the disciplines of  neuroscience, physiology, ethology, ecology, toxicology, histology, and pharmacology.  Much of the research in the lab is accomplished using crayfish.  More specifically, his lab studies crayfish sensory systems, neurochemical modulation of aggression, neurogenesis via social enrichment, operant conditioning/learning, pollution effects on sensory receptors and development, nociception, growth/molting, orientation strategies when finding food or mates, the interactions of various invasive crayfish species, and feeding behaviors.  A student becoming a member of his lab can expect to become knowledgeable in the scientific fields of neuroscience, animal behavior, physiology, biomechanics, toxicology, ecology, chemistry, and molecular biology. 

The Crayfish Neuroscience Lab