Since August 2012, Active Calculus has been available as a free, open-source calculus text.  I undertook the project to provide an activity-driven text in a format that is freely accessible to students. In 2015, behind Steve Schlicker's lead authorship, we released a third semester of content with the multivariable edition.

The 2017 edition of the single variable text is now available in an HTML version, thanks to Rob Beezer's Mathbook XML. A corresponding 2017 PDF version of the text is forthcoming by the end of August 2017. As noted at the links and images above, the 2016 version of the text will remain available in the original format going forward; the year and cover image will distinguish the two versions.

Active Calculus is being used by a growing number of faculty and has been formally adopted at Carroll College, Green Mountain College, Nevada State College, Scottsdale Community College, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and the University of Northern Colorado, among others.  The Carroll faculty have made some nice additions to the text and have some ancillaries to offer, including a Chapter 0 precalculus review, and clicker questions for the entire text, plus a couple of additional sections on modeling with difference equations.

To learn more about this project, recent updates, and features of the new 2017 version, please visit my blog at http://opencalculus.wordpress.com. Questions and comments are always welcome directly at boelkinm at gvsu dot edu. 

Active Calculus - single variable - 2017 edition

endorsed by the American Institute of Mathematics

ISBN 978-1974206841

    HTML version

    PDF version

    print version for purchase

Active Calculus - multivariable - 2017 edition

    PDF version and link to purchase bound copy

Active Calculus - single variable - 2016 edition

endorsed by the American Institute of Mathematics

ISBN 978-0-9898975-3-2

    2016 PDF version