Our Trip To England and Scotland

Day 6b - The Church at Kirkby Stephen and the tombs of the Musgraves

The Chapel at Kirkby Stephen

The Hartley Chapel is behind the small door and window at the right edge of the picture.  This is where the Musgrave tombs are found.  The town center is behind you.

The Tomb of Sir Richard de Musgrave (d. 1409)

The objects in the foreground are chairs - the Hartley chapel is still used for worship services.  The main alter of the church is behind the screen in the background.  The monument shows Sir Richard wearing his jousting armor with his feet resting on a family pet.

Tomb of Sir Richard de Musgrave (d. 1464)

This Sir Richard's tomb is in the wall opposite of his grandfather's tomb (above).  The Musgrave Coat of Arms is seen above the alcove.  The Latin inscription on the tomb translates:

Here lies Rich. Musgrave Knt. near Eliz. his wife & Thos. Theirson & heir who d. on the 9th day of Nov. 1464 on whose soul have mercy Amen.
Wild Boar Tusk in Display Case
"Tradition has it that the last wild boar killed on Wild Boar Fell was killed by Sir Richard Musgrave (d. 1464).  His tomb is in the Hartley Chapel, and this boar tusk was found in his tomb during the 19th century restoration of the Chapel."
Tomb of Sir Thomas de Musgrave (d. 1376)

This is the oldest monument in the Hartley Chapel.  This very eroded red sandstone plaque is in the floor to the right of the alter.  Little is visible other than the outline of the sword, shield and arrow.  Sir Thomas was the first to possess Hartley Castle.

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