David Clark

Assistant Professor of mathematics at Grand Valley State University

Email: clarkdav@gvsu.edu | Office: Mackinac A-2-104 | T-Shirt size: Medium


My teaching focuses on extremely active learning.

I am a big fan of Mastery Grading:

Recent presentations on teaching and learning:

Scholarship and Undergraduate Research

I study combinatorics: The art and science of counting in interesting ways.

I enjoy working with students to study games that reveal deep results about modern communications. Recent projects include:

  • S. Mancini and J. Van Hook, "Anti-Games on Steiner Triple Systems" (2017 GVSU REU Project)
  • L. Czap, "Guessing games with cost functions" (2015-2016 GVSU Student Summer Scholars project, preprint)
  • A. Dean, "An Information Theoretic Study of Rhythmic Variations of Poetic Accents in Rap" (2014 UMN senior project)
  • G. Fisk and N. Goren, "A variation on the game SET" (2013, in Involve, preprint)
  • W. Thomas, "Entanglement-Assisted Quantum Error-Correcting Codes from Generalized Quadrangles" (2012, in RHUMJ)
  • S. Shaker, "Noninteractive Guessing Games in Coding Theory" (2012)

Enrichment and Outreach

I love to create hands-on activities that help students learn about mathematics.

  • MathPath, a summer program for very talented middle school students. I have taught here since Summer 2013.
  • I enjoy organizing and taking part in Family Math Nights at local schools.
  • From 2012 -- 2014, I was a MathCEP Teaching Postdoc at the University of Minnesota. I taught Calculus to talented middle- and high-school students as a part of UMTYMP as well as running school-year and summer programs for students.

Fun & Games

Besides math and teaching, I enjoy a variety of other things: