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Our research focuses on the spatial ecology, population demographics, and conservation genetics of at-risk species. Our overarching aim is to understand the factors that impact movement, functional connectivity (dispersal and gene flow), and population viability. We strive to focus on applied research questions that address anthropogenic impacts to species and that can be used directly for conservation and management. We regularly use tools such as mark-recapture, radio telemetry, GIS, spatial statistics, and landscape genetics. Our research deals with a range of taxa, but tends to focus on amphibians and reptiles because of their unique life history characteristics, and their globally imperiled status.

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Latest news from the lab


Welcome to our new undergraduate researchers Arin Thacker and Morgan Kelley! Arin and Morgan will be working at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute as part of the Undergraduate Research Grants for the Environment program.


Jen Moore and colleagues had a paper accepted in Journal of Wildlife Diseases entitled “Detection of Ophidiomyces, the Causative Agent of Snake Fungal Disease, in the Eastern Massasauga (Sistrurus catenatus) in Michigan”.



















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