Move Click Move is an interactive retrospective DVD including the experimental and animation films of Deanna Morse from 1970-2001.  Morse, an independent animator, has worked with multiple styles and techniques.  She demonstrates that “Anyone can animate if they just have the patience to move, click, move, click….”

This is not a program that “plays.” Titles are selected in an interactive manner.  The DVD includes behind-the-scenes production assets that provide an educational seminar on various inspirations and techniques for how animation is made.

The DVD features three dozen films, hundreds of behind-the-scenes production photos, and animated and motion menus. The total video running time is over 2 1/2 hours.

Retrospective program of films by Deanna Morse were recently featured in one-person shows in China, Croatia, Greece, Indonesia, Ukraine, and the USA. The DVD is regularly used in introductory animation classes in high schools and universities. Morse has been a juror at many international festivals, and an artist in residence at dozens of schools and national parks. She has also been invited to speak about animation education, most recently in China.

The Move Click Move retrospective DVD was donated by Trillion/Lawrence Productions/Grey Berlin Design Studio.  Proceeds from sales of the DVD are building the Dirk Koning Scholarship Fund at Grand Valley State University.

How Animation Works: move click move, 2:12 minutes

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