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When push comes to shove, what I really like about Morse’s work is she is always pushing the medium.  She never seems so to do the same things twice.  The art of film is still in its infancy and no one tries to help the cinema grow up more than Morse.

John Douglas, Grand Rapids Press, 11/9/01

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Unlike the commercial animation DVDs out there, Move-Click-Move approaches DVD as an art form rather than just another means of commercial distribution and product promotion.  The design of the interface and the many details added in addition to the short films reflect the vision of someone who really loves what they do.  Looking through this DVD for the first time, I could hardly decide where to start first.  As soon as I started watching one film, I was curious to see another.  I jumped around quite a bit, exploring the various sections and features before I settled down to watch the films in their entirety.  After watching the films, I was able to go back to the extra features to answer some of the questions I had about how and why the films were made.  Morse’s selfless de-mystification of the animation techniques brings the viewer right into the artist’s experience.  I particularly enjoyed the “process” photos detailing the making of some films.

Wendy Jackson Hall, ASIFA NEWS

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Move-Click-Move is not only a terrific teaching/learning tool; it is also a tribute to the visual arts and belongs in the collections of people who enjoy watching animation.

Mike Allore, Michigan VUE

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Commentary on the artist’s work as a whole:

Morse, over the years, has explored the nature of film in a very quiet way, especially compared to IMAX theater presentations.  Morse labors for long periods of time over her very short films and she discovers new directions in which the medium can be taken to both inform, and/or entertain.  With almost every production, Morse is contributing something interesting to the art of the moving picture.  She is expanding the art of film and the perceptions of the viewer.  What she does is so much more valuable than most of the expensive productions that hit our local movie screens.

John Douglas, Grand Rapids Press, 11/11/01

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Other reviewers have praised her filmmaking:

“Visually stunning...deftly sets a languid and evocative mood.”

Paul Sterling Hagerman, Independent Film And Video Expo

“Personal, yet somehow universal...Refreshing, meditative, gentle.”

Educational Film Library Association

“A charming animated film...that will put a smile on your face.”

John Douglas, Grand Rapids Press

“Subtly rendered...a misty dreamy transformation of an ordinary into a metaphysical world...a marvelous experience.”

Owen Shapiro, Independent Film And Video Expo

“An amiable eclectic collage of casual grace born of love, remembrance, and scraps of time...high quality visual experience...”

F. Lynne Bachleda, Independent Spirit