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Active Calculus

(Free, open-source calculus texts)

Single Variable


Active Calculus Multivariable Errata

Active Calculus Multivariable Text


Mathematics Applets


Visual Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem

Sieve of Eratosthenes

Animation of the Sieve to find small primes.



Operations Table Generator

A neat Java applet written by David Austin to create operations tables for rings and groups.




Search Engines



Search engine for many journals, mostly research level, but includes the MAA Monthly

Math Magazine and College Math Journal

A searchable database of the Mathematics Magazine and the College Math Journal. Created by the Math Department at Harvey Mudd College





Mathematics Career Information


Math Jobs

Links to lots of math jobs.

Mathematical Sciences Career Information From the AMS, MAA, and SIAM.

Non-academic employment information.



Finding a job in Mathematics

A site at Purdue University

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career information for the mathematically minded



A list of mathematics Masters programs that offer financial support. (Thanks to Jeremy Martin.)




Other Interesting Sites


Math Forum



AMS site for undergraduate mathematics majors

Lots of useful information

REU sites




The Mathematics Genealogy Project

Trace the mathematical ancestors of your favorite mathematics Ph.D.

You can see my genealogy here.




Professional Organizations


Michigan Section of the Mathematical Association of America

Mathematical Association of America



American Mathematical Society