Steve Schlicker

Professor of Mathematics

Ph.D. Northwestern University , 1987

M.A. Northwestern University, 1983

B.A. Michigan State University , 1981

I earned my Ph.D. in 1987, specializing in Algebraic K-Theory and the Cohomology of Groups. I taught for four years at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa before I came to Grand Valley in 1991.

Research with undergraduates

I have led several research projects with undergraduates in fractal geometry and the Hausdorff metric geometry. Details of these projects can be found here. In the summer of 2000, I was the PI of a National Science Foundation's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. Our REU program received funding from the NSF to continue in the summers 2002-2004. I was PI on this grant with co-PI Ed Aboufadel. Ed and I switched roles on our next REU grant, from 2005-2010. The REU program continues and is now most capably run by my colleagues Will Dickinson and Jon Hodge.

Open access instructional resources

Much of my recent work has involved creating open access texts for trigonometry, calculus, and linear algebra.

·      Active Calculus (Matt Boelkins, David Austin, Steven Schlicker) and Active Calculus Multivariable (Steven Schlicker, David Austin, Matt Boelkins) are open source texts available in html, pdf, or hard copy.

·      Trigonometry (Ted Sundstrom and Steven Schlicker) is an open source textbook.

·      Linear Algebra: A Discovery-Based Approach (Feral Alayont and Steven Schlicker) is available through the authors.



You can find a copy of my cv here.