Guided Practice for ACA TLI Track 1 Workshop: Flipping Your Classroom

Welcome and Instructions

This document is a pre-workshop assignment for the Track 1 workshop “Flipping Your Classroom”, facilitated by me, Prof. Robert Talbert of Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan. I’m excited for our experience at the TLI and looking forward to getting to know all of you. I’d like for each of you to do some preparation for the workshop in advance, and this Guided Practice document is intended to lead you through that preparation.

Below you will find an overview of the workshop; two lists of learning objectives, one of which you should master before arriving at the workshop and another that lists the long-term learning objectives once the workshop is over; online print and video resources to read and watch; exercises to do after reading and watching the resources; and instructions for how to submit your responses and ask questions.


This workshop is about “flipping” your classroom, which is a way of designing a course so that most of the information transfer (e.g., lecturing) takes place outside of class meetings, and the time that’s subsequently freed up is used for various kinds of active learning practices inside of class. It’s called “flipping” because normally, students listen to a lecture in class and then go try to make sense of it (through homework, projects, etc.) outside of class, and we are reversing the places and times when those things happen.

In the workshop, we’ll be working to address some of the big ideas about the flipped classroom:

I hope to have each participant focus on one particular course (maybe the one for which you are bringing a syllabus to the TLI, but not necessarily that one) and develop a plan for converting all or part of it into a flipped environment in the course of the next calendar year.

Learning Objectives

Here is what you should be able to do when you arrive at the workshop:

Here is what you should be able to do with practice after the workshop is over:


Please read the following:

Please watch all the following videos, which have a combined running time of 12 minutes, 40 seconds:

Practice Exercises

A collection of exercises that combine written and numerical responses is housed at this web form:

Go there once you have completed the reading and the viewing and give your responses. The responses will be added to a Google spreadsheet, and the results will be used to plan the specifics of the workshop.

What to do if you have questions

Please contact me at, on Twitter (@RobertTalbert), or on Google+. You may ask a question at any time.