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GVSU Water Resources Institute
General Sites on the Great Lakes
Wave Related Sites
Satellite Related Sites
Fish Related Sites
Plankton Related Sites
Exotic Species Related Sites
Pollution Related Sites
Lesson Plan Sites
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GVSU Annis Water Resources Institute

This site contains information that is useful for those who are about to take a cruise or have already taken a cruise aboard the D. J. ANGUS or W.G. JACKSON.  The site contains an instructors manual, water data, links to many Great Lakes sites, and more.
Instructor’s manual for cruises aboard the D.J. ANGUS or W.G. JACKSON.
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General Sites About the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN) provides an abundant amount of information on a variety of Great Lakes topics including education, economic, the environment, maps, and GIS.
General Great Lakes information site.  The site includes geologic information, as well as information on topics such as lake levels, climate, food web, and lake stratification.  The site also has a virtual classroom.
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Wave Formation Sites

Formation of waves.
Scientific description of waves.
Simple graphic description of waves.
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Satellite Related Sites

NOAA bathymetry images for each of the Great Lakes.
A satellite image of the Great Lakes in North America. (Image Courtesy Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
A variety of current satellite images including water temperature, cloud cover, reflectance, color, and water levels.  Registration is needed to access much of the material at this site.  Click on “REGISTRATION” to see the provisions and register for access.
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Fish Related Sites

General information about fish biology.
General fish information and answers to many frequently asked questions about fish.

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Plankton Related Site

Information on Great Lakes diatoms.
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Exotic Species Related Sites

Minnesota Sea Grant’s “A Field Guide to Aquatic Exotic Plants and Animals".  Includes photographs and biological species information.
Information about Aquatic Nuisance species put out by the Great Lake Commission.
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Pollution Related Site

EPA site about Great Lakes pollution.
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Lesson Plans
    Limnology of drainage ditches
    Microbiology water drop study
    Project wetlands
    A living watershed
    Limnology study involving Coho salmon
    Oxygen in water
    Water treatment
    Water pollution
    How satellites see
    Links to a number of sites that provide lesson plans on any subject area.

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