British Literature II Image Links

1a. William Hogarth's "Harlot's Progress"
1b. William Hogarth's "The Enraged Musician"
Illustrations for Jane Austen's Persuasion

William Blake Image Links

Views of Tintern Abbey:  David Miall's paper on relocating the site of Wordsworth's "Tintern Abbey":

Excerpts from William Gilpin's Observations on the River Wye . . . (1782)

William Gilpin's "Picturesque" view of Tintern Abbey
from Observations on the River Wye (1782)

Illustrations to Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol

Robert Browning:
Andrea del Sarto: Text and Images:

Fra Lippo Lippi: Text and Images:

Fra Lippo Lippi, The Coronation of the Virgin
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
The Lady of Shallott: Text and Images:

Another site with yet more Lady of Shallott images:

A discussion of the main themes in Lady of Shallott images:

The Lady of Shallott and the Theme of the "Embowered Lady"

Dante Gabriel Rossetti:
Rossetti's portraits of women

"The Blessed Damozel"--text and painting:


Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

from Chinua Achebe's "An Image of Africa" [on Conrad's Heart of Darkness]

Kipling, "The White Man's Burden," and British (and U. S.) Imperialism:

W. H. Auden's "Musee des Beaux Arts"

Brueghel's "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus"