Studies in World Literature Links

Orhan Pamuk, My Name Is Red Study Guide and Links

The Ottomans (Richard Hooker, WSU)

Selim II
Turkey: A Country Study (Library of Congress--scroll down for links to the Ottoman Empire)

Islam and the Koran

"Internet Islamic History Sourcebook" (A great link-list of Islamic history sites on the net from Fordham University)

"Islamic Studies, Islam, Arabic, and Religion" (Prof. Alan Godlas, University of Georgia)

"Islam, Empire of Faith" (Web companion to PBS series) An introduction to Islam (from

"What is the Koran?"  Article by Toby Lester, Atlantic Monthly, January 1999.
Lester's article was somewhat controversial. Here are some letters The Atlantic received about the article.

Here is an authoritative Introduction to the Koran
Translations of the Qur'an is just that--the whole book on-line in three different translations.

The Muslim Women's League (A "nonprofit American Muslim organization")
"The Status of Women in Islam" (Jamal A. Badawi)
Women in Islam (at

Chinua Achebe
A study guide to Things Fall Apart:

Achebe interview (Paris Review 133 Winter, 1994-1995)

Postcolonial Literature: Problems with the Term (Paul Brians)

African Exploration and The Roots of Colonialism (WSU)
The Scramble for Africa (WSU)

Kipling, "The White Man's Burden" and British (and U. S.) Imperialism:

from Chinua Achebe's "An Image of Africa" [on Conrad's Heart of Darkness]

Naguib Mahfouz
The Nobel Prize Naguib Mahfouz Page

The Official Nobel Prize Mahfouz Page

A Mahfouz Bibliography:

A Newsweek story on Mohammed Atta's Cairo neighborhood (loads slowly):

Background to Egyptian History since 1952

Egypt, a Short History, chapter 8

The Muslim Brotherhood
Home Page of The Muslim Brotherhood Misery of the Brotherhood, The Misery of Egypt, the Misery of Us All (World Press Review)
Alifa Rifaat (information is scarce)
Alifa Rifaat: working within tradition (planetarabia)

Alifa Rifaat, a short profile (Arab Women's Solidarity Association)
A short bibliography of writings by Alifa Rifaat

Judaism 101
Cross-cultural (mis)understanding
Shakespeare in the Bush (Laura Bohannon)

Another, shorter version of Bohanon's article:

Another version:

The definitive version (Ameican Natural History) 

Prof. P. Currah's "MLA Style Guide" .