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Web site for  Lawall, Sarah, et al., eds. The Norton Anthology of World Literature, Second Edition. (Norton, 2003) 
Literary Terms:
1. Voltaire Society of America:
  • Illustrations to Voltaire's Candide: [loads slowly]
  • Voltaire's final Chateau (Ferney):
  • Additional Voltaire images:
  • 2. Voltaire Foundation with online texts:

    3. Excerpts from Voltaire's "Treatise on Toleration"

    4. Voltaire's first Chateau (Cirey) :

    Text (with notes and illustrations) of Basho's Narrow Road to the Deep North: (best viewed with Internet Explorer)

    Basho's Life:

    History of Haiku: Before Basho and Basho

    The Japanese Haiku Masters: Links, References, Resources:

    World Haiku Review:

    Alexander Pope: "The Age of Reason"

    1. From the Victorian Web:

    2. Another introduction to Neo-Classicism (from Damrosch's British Literature)

    3. Restoration and 18th Century Page (Voice of the Shuttle--links from Japan)

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau: William Blake links:

    British Romantic Nature Poets

    The Picturesque: Coleridge:
    P. B. Shelley:

    Shelley page at the Victorian Web:


    Tolstoy, The Death of Ivan Ilyich:

    Ibsen, Hedda Gabler: Thomas Mann, Death in Venice: Franz Kafka
    Postcolonial Studies, An Introduction:
    Mahasweta Devi
    Chinua Achebe

    Naguib Mahfouz

    The Nobel Prize Naguib Mahfouz Page

    The Official Nobel Prize Mahfouz Page

    A Mahfouz Bibliography:

    Cross-cultural (mis)understanding
    Mappa Mundi, 1290:

    Shakespeare in the Bush (Laura Bohannon)

    Another, shorter version of Bohanon's article:

    Another version:

    The definitive version (Ameican Natural History)

    Paul Celan (Antschel):

    The Paul Celan Homepage:

    An Interview with John Felstiner, Celan scholar and translator [features Celan reading "Todesfuge."]:
    "After the Disaster" [Stephen Mitchelmore explores the post Holocaust poetry of Paul Celan]

    "Celan / Heidegger" Pierre Joris [An essay on one of Celan's most complex late poems]
    Albert Camus biography (Books and Writers)

    An interview with Catherine Camus (daughter of Albert, from Spike magazine):

    Existentialism: an Introduction:

    Jean-Paul Sartre explains it all to you:

    Literary Criticism on the Internet:
    Literary (". . . an index to literary criticism on the internet, covering more than 250 English and American authors of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. ")
    Sources for Electronic texts: