Honors 215 European Civilization Links

HNR 225 / 226 Links

European History Sites:


Webster's Tartuffe site
A Moliere site
with a Tartuffe study guide (Beverly McClure)
Another Tartuffe study guide (Lyman Baker, KSU)
Moliere, Tartuffe (a brief description from theatrehistory.com)
17th Cenury History (from L'age d'or): http://www.kipar.org/history.html
Shakepeare's The Tempest:
Alexander Pope: Jonathan Swift:  William Hogarth:
The Encyclopedia:
1. Voltaire Society of America:
  • Illustrations to Voltaire's Candide: [loads slowly]  http://humanities.uchicago.edu/homes/VSA/Candide/illustrations.html
  • Voltaire's final Chateau (Ferney): http://humanities.uchicago.edu/homes/VSA/description.html
  • Additional Voltaire images: http://humanities.uchicago.edu/homes/VSA/captions.html
  • 2. Voltaire Foundation:  http://www.voltaire.ox.ac.uk/

    3. Excerpts from Voltaire's "Treatise on Toleration"

    4. Voltaire's first Chateau (Cirey) : http://www.visitvoltaire.com/

    Emilie du Chatelet: http://www.visitvoltaire.com/emilie_du_chatelet_bio.htm
    Voltaire and Emilie du Chatelet: http://www.visitvoltaire.com/love_story_voltaire.htm
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau:
    The French Revolution
    "The Age of Reason"

    1. From the Victorian Web: http://www.victorianweb.org/index.html

    2. Another introduction to Neo-Classicism (from Damrosch's British Literature)

    3. Restoration and 18th Century Page (Voice of the Shuttle--links from Japan)

    4.  Eighteenth Century England (site created by U of M students)

    The Sublime:

    Rictor Norton's selections from the 18th century popular press : http://www.infopt.demon.co.uk/grub/grub.htm

    William Blake links: http://faculty.gvsu.edu/websterm/BlakeLinks.html

    Blake Poems:

    Romanticism links:
  • Damrosch's Romanticism introduction
  • Norton Topics Online's Romanticism page
  • "Romantic Related Sites": http://users.ox.ac.uk/~scat0385/sites.html
  • Romantic Circles: http://www.rc.umd.edu/
  • Voice of the Shuttle, Romantics Page http://vos.ucsb.edu/shuttle/eng-rom.html
  • Romanticism on the Net (an on-line journal): http://www-sul.stanford.edu/mirrors/romnet/
  • Mary Shelley & Frankenstein:
    Text of Frankenstein (1831 edition; from UVA Text Center)

    Another text of Frankenstein (1831 edition; from literature.org) http://www.literature.org/authors/shelley-mary/frankenstein/
    Mary Shelley'sFrankenstein, A Summary of Modern Criticism (Victorian Web)
    A Biographical Sketch of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1797-1851) (Victrorian  Web)
    Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Chronology & Resource Site
    My Hideous Progeny: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
    \Essays on Mary Shelley and Frankenstein by Kim Woodbridge and others http://www.kimwoodbridge.com/maryshel/essays.shtml
    Hail Mary Shelley! & Exercise Untried (Quirky page for a quirky book) http://www.hailmaryshelley.com/  
    Study Questions (Alfred Drake, Cal State) 
    Coleridge: Keats:
    Percy Bysshe Shelley:
    Victorian links: [see also Image LINKS ] Alfred, Lord Tennyson: Matthew Arnold:
    Émile Zola: Joseph Conrad:
    Thomas Mann, Death in Venice: Anton Chekhov, Uncle Vanya
    Sources for Electronic texts:

    Jack Lynch’s excellent "Literary Resources on the Net": http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~jlynch/Lit/

    English Literature on the Web: http://lang.nagoya-u.ac.jp/~matsuoka/EngLit.html

    The Literary Encyclopedia: http://www.litencyc.com/LitEncycFrame.htm

    A Glossary of Literary Terms (A-L): http://www.litencyc.com/Glossary/GlossaryAL.htm
    A Glossary of Literary Terms(M-Z): http://www.litencyc.com/Glossary/GlossaryMZ.htm

    The English Renaissance in Context

    Composition Advice:
    - Columbia Guide to Online Style - Prof. P. Currah's "MLA Style Guide" - 
    Library Links:
    - GVSU Library Web Voyager Page - MSU Library (MAGIC) -

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