Views of La Ferté-Macé

Petit Seminaire1

Front view of the Dépôt de Triage at La Ferté-Macé. The Enormous Room was on the top floor of the building at the left.
The building on the right is the "chapel." This photo was probably taken before the war—The Enormous Room appears quite empty, and the front windows have not yet been boarded up. To see how the building is situated in relation to the town, see "Aerial Views of the Enormous Room." This photo is courtesy of the site "La Ferté-Macé, hier,... par les cartes postales anciennes."

L'Ancien Seminaire 
L'Ancien Séminaire This postcard photo must have been taken during World War I. Note the uniforms of guards (plantons) and the guard-house. Also, the windows on the upper floor of this middle building appear to be boarded up. The one exception is the window at the far right whose casing seems to have been removed completely. The "chapel" is on the right; the Enormous Room is at the top floor of the building on the left.

The Place du Midi (now Place du Général de Gaulle). This is the "species of square" (157) that Cummings and other inmates visited on journeys to "catch" water for the cook. (See Gill, "Windows" 101.) In this undated photo, a horse and cattle market is taking place. For two views of the pump at the far end of the square, see "an iron contrivance . . . " (page 1) and "an iron contrivance . . . "  (page 2).

A general view of the town

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Gill, "Windows of Nowhere"

"an iron contrivance . . . " (page 1) and "an iron contrivance . . . "  (page 2)

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