Isabelle (far left), Leah (left), Eli (right) and me (far right)

So, here I am. Wil is the name and I am a linguist. Much of my work focuses on sociolinguistic and dialectical aspects of language change and variation among American English dialects. While my mainstay lays here, I find myself examining phonetic, phonological and morpho-syntactic phenomena that pique my interest for the many speech varieties I happen to run across in my meanderings (though, there's a special place in my heart for Michigan's U.P.). As a result, I often refer to myself as a socio-phonetician, and a sociolinguist more generally.

  • As of August 2015, I was hired as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Communciationn Sciences and Disorders Department at Grand Valley State University.
  • Isabelle Rose Rankinen, on April 24th, 2015, was born. What a wonderful addition to the family!

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