The Discovering Wavelets Web Site
maintained by Edward Aboufadel and Steven Schlicker
A site featuring the wavelet projects done by Edward Aboufadel's REU students is now available.

Our goal for this site is to make it a center of activity for incorporating wavelets into the undergraduate curriculum. We believe that wavelets can be accessible to people other than research mathematicians -- that anyone with a background in basic linear algebra (for example, graduate and undergraduate students, and nonspecialists) can learn about and work with wavelets. Undergraduates at GVSU, many who are prospective mathematics teachers, have completed projects based on wavelets, along with undergraduate research projects. The challenge to mathematics professors is to present wavelets in way that is accessible without being trivial.

You may be interested in Advanced Engineering Mathematics (3rd edition), by M. Potter, J. Goldberg, and E. Aboufadel. This textbook has the typical topics for engineering mathematics (e.g. differential equations, linear algebra, numerical methods), but it also includes a new chapter on wavelets, aimed at undergraduate engineering majors, and enhanced with Maple and Excel.

There will be no further updates to this site after December 2011. For any questions about this site, please contact Prof. Aboufadel.

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