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Discovering Wavelets: Maple Files, Software
maintained by Edward Aboufadel and Steven Schlicker
Some of the programs below are contained in zip files. To open the zip archive, you may need Winzip.

Daubechies Wavelets Maple Library

This worksheet demonstrates the use of Maple for exploring the properties of the Daubechies scaling function, along with the family of wavelets associated with this function. The compact support, averaging, orthogonality, and regularity properties of are explored in this worksheet, along with graphs of the mother, daughter, and son wavelets.

Pixel Images

This program will allow you to create gray-scale images of size n-by-n. It runs on Windows-based PC's. It was written by Steven Schlicker. Please let us know if you are having problems with this program.

Image Box Browser in Maple

This Maple file shows how you can get quickly an image box from a matrix, apparently a new feature in Maple.

Maple Files

This zip file contains annotated Maple worksheets to use in conjunction with the book. The files have been updated for Maple 7, and mistakes in the code have been fixed.

Maple Files by E. Rowe of NC A&T State University

Dr. Rowe has created two Maple worksheets that bring to life some ideas from the book, saved here as HTM files. Sheet 1 displays Haar's first two sons and first two daughters simultaneously and uses the spreadsheet package to display the inner product of these siblings. In Sheet 2, a continuous function along with its Haar approximation is presented with an animation. You can also download the original MWS files.

Java Applets

This page contains links to java applets on wavelets that are on the web.


An example of work done by mathematics students at Grand Valley State University is this Windows-based program to process and compress images using the Haar wavelets. It was written a few years ago by Mochan Shrestha.