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Discovering Wavelets: Wavelets for Undergraduates
maintained by Edward Aboufadel and Steven Schlicker
Students in our linear algebra courses have worked with wavelets. Our Linear Algebra II course is grouped around two major themes: linear transformations and orthogonal projections. This gives students enough background for students to process, compress and decompress images that they created using the program Pixel Images. More information about this project is available on the site.

In Linear Algebra I, students have learned about the FBI wavelet-based fingerprint compression standard. One student in that course, Mochan Shrestha, has designed a Windows-based program to process and compress images using the Haar wavelets. 

Over the last several years, we have used various approaches in both semesters of linear algebra to expose our students to this valuable and exciting area of mathematics. In all of these courses, the students have expressed that they appreciated seeing a connection between what they were learning in college and what they saw happening in the world.

During Fall 2001, a special topics course in wavelets was offered at Grand Valley State University. Student projects from that course may be seen here. In addition, we have a web page based on problem 5 on page 24 of our textbook.

At the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego, California, in January 2002, a special session on Wavelets for Undergraduates was given. Talks were given by Edward Aboufadel, Steven Schlicker, Max Jodeit, Jr., Patrick Van Fleet, Errol Rowe, Mingxiang Chen, Eric Weber, David Larson, and Robert Poodiack.