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Cardiac Rehab

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Job Responsibilities

Job Setting

Phase I-
Job setting is in-patient, working on the cardiac floor with patients who have been admitted.

Phase II-
Job setting is outpatient. Patients come in for exercise and educational sessions. Most stay for about 12 weeks. You goal is to education and improve their fitness to improve the long term prognosis.

Phase III-
Job setting may be at the hospital, or possibly even a health and fitness facility (i.e YMCA). Patients are not monitored during exercise, but rather have periodic checks.

rehab setting
Clients will vary in age, gender, and chronic condition. Most will have had either and event (infarction) or surgical intervention.
Some conditions may include
Secondary to these conditions, many clients will also have the following:
Metabolic Syndrome

What Educational Requirements are needed?

For many jobs, a B.S Degree in Exercise Science  is the minimum requirements. However, A Master's degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology is preferred at many locations (again, will vary by program size). View the job search for these positions to see specific degree requirements.

Experience Needed!



Pay will vary by the size of the hospital as well as the geographic location. Statistics below are for west Michigan.

 MI Yearly Cardiac Rehabilitation Pay Statistics

Average Yearly Cardiac Rehabilitation Salary $39,117 - $58,676
Starting Yearly Cardiac Rehabilitation Salary $20,000 - $48,321
Top Yearly Cardiac Rehabilitation Salary $46,020 - $69,031

Some examples of Cardiac Programs
Spectrum Health Cardiac Rehab Henry Ford Hospital Cardiac Rehab William Beaumont Hospital Cardiac Rehab