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"Community Wellness and Fitness"
Community Wellness seeks to address and improve the conditions within the dimensions of wellness. The Exercise Science professional may work in many of these 
Wellness Dimensions

Job Responsibilities
Job Setting Clients

What do you need to be qualified?

What is the pay? Some examples of Community Wellness
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Job Responsibilities

Because the settings will vary, movement-related therapy will differ depending on the client population and the variety of chronic conditions:
- Recreation Therapy (games, activities)
- Water-based therapy (aerobic, arthritis, obese exercise class)
- Fitness programming
-Personal training
-Diabetes education
-Cardiac rehab (phase III)
- Nutrition education

Your responsibilities will include initial health assessments, exercise programming, exercise supervision and interacting with clients on a personal level to enhance their progress.

Community wellness

Job Setting

Job settings typically are large, non profit organizations that provide wellness, fitness, and other wellness related programming. These organizations may be in a single community, or be nation-wide.


The clients may represent a cross section of the community racially, socially and economically. Some programs may be for children, while others are for the elderly. Yet others may serve the fit or unfit, obese, and in some cases provide programming in collaboration with area public schools. Some may also serve in a corporate fitness role, collaborating with area businesses.

What do you need to be qualified?

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in an Exercise, Health, or Recreation related field. CPR and First Aid certification usually required.  Sometimes Assisted Living Activities Certification preferred.

Experience: Experience working with a range of client populations, including elderly, children and individuals with a variety of special conditions (arthritis, Parkinson's, diabetes etc.)
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What is the pay?

Part-time pay may be hourly ($10-15), while pay for full time fitness and wellness staff may range from $25-35K for entry level.

Some examples of Community Wellness

    YMCA                            Clark Retirement Center (Grand Rapids)

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