Stephen Carl Glass

Born in Woodland Hills California, Stephen moved to Reno Nevada by age 2. His dad completed his doctorate in Physics at Reno, then the family moved to Fargo, North Dakota in 1968. Youth activities included little league baseball, soccer and trouble making. Hobbies included lapidary (making polished stone jewelry, for which a number of awards were won. He also collected rocks, coins, baseball cards, and liked  reading.

He went to live in Germany for a year (1977-78) while his dad completed a sabattical. He lived in the town of Julich, near Aachen. He went to the German schools, and became somewhat proficient at speaking German.

He started college in 1982 as a Geology major, but soon found that the biological sciences most interested him. He switched majors to Exercise Science.  Hobbies in college centered around martial arts (Tae Kwon Do) and club soccer . He attended two different "dojangs", practicing up to 6 days per week. He won most of the tournaments he entered, both in sparring and forms; his competing days pretty much ended in 1987 when he was off to grad school. His black belt was earned in 1984, and he has practiced ever since. In 1987 he received a Masters degree in exercise physiology from Ball State (IN) and a Ph.D in 1993 from Southern Illinois University.

He has two children, Evan (b 1991) and Nickole (b. 1993).

Steve in 1964 (ugly kid)
Steve in about 1972
"Buzz" in about 1970
Dad's two coolest Tae Kwon Do Students
Part of yard, note also Max, the dog 1997
"Old" Man Glass at 35yrs, 
student had asked for a grade change
Evan, age 8. Cool Kid (1999)
Nickole, age 5 (1999). Feisty like Dad
Aging... slowly we hope.. 41yrs! (2005)