John Tinker
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It is said that John came to the new world in 1637 .

John died while on a business trip. One source said he was the Assistant to Governor Winthrop of
Connecticut. He also wrote letters to Governor Winthrop of Massachusetts.
After John's first wife died, he was to bring up her younger child. In 1640 he bought 1/6 interest in the
ship, SUSAN AND ELLEN to carry supplies to the Connecticut Colony. He then settled in Windsor,
owning land in Wethersfield,Conn. With partners he was given liberty to make pitch and tarre.. About
1648, he moved to Boston and married. He was in England in the spring and summer of 1653.where he
saw Wm. Wiklsheer,the Ironmonger on Pissing Alley in Bredstreet, London

There seems to be some question where John and Alice's children were born. Louis Burns says that the first 4 were born in Lancaster, Suffolk, Mass. while the second Amos and Samuel were born in
New London, New London, Conn. The material from the Church of the Latterday Saints have
 Sarah,John,& Amos 1 born in Lancaster, Suffolk, England with Mary, Amos2,baby son, Samuel, and
 Rhoda born in Lancaster, Worcester, Mass.

 John was an, agent of Governor Winthrop's family, and public offcial. He was a man of great
enterprise and character as well as considerable management ability. In 1638-1640 several people gave
him power of attorney to handle their affairs in New Windsor and Workingham, Berkshire when he
went to England. He helped to establish the town of Groton . In 1655 he was fined for selling strong
water to Indians. He had traded them for furs. In 1652 , as an attorney-at-law. he won a suit in the
 Middlesex Court.

His title of Mr. or Master, very rare in those days, is evidence that he was either a graduate of a
university or had high social rank in England. As John should have been so trusted and honored,
indicates not only his own high character but throws a favorable light on his antecedents.

Another Source:...
Immigrant to New England. By the terms of his father's will in 1623, John was to inherit a
messuage or tenement in Burnham, Bucks, following his mother's death or remarriage. Sometime prior
to 1638 he and his mother, the widow Mary Collins, immigrated to New England, settling first probably
 at Dorchester, where two of his married sisters, Mary Sension and Anne Thornton, already resided. He
may have come by 1636, possibly with John Hawthorne and William Knight, both of erkshire, who
settled then in Salem. In 1638, John Tinker returned to England on business, commissioned by Governor
Winthrop to look after his affairs in England. In 1640, he returned from England and settled in Windsor,
CT, where his mother & several sisters then resided. They were joined there by Tinker's nephew,
Miles Merwin; the two may have sailed from England together. John Tinker acquired a 26-acre tract of
land with housing at Poqonnoc in Windsor on the east side of the Rivulet or Farmington River. Walter
Hoyt, then of Windsor and his probable brother-in-law, owned a 50-acre tract opposite Tinker's farm.
On 14 Apr 1654, then a resident of Boston since 1648, Tinker sold these premises to Edward
Griswold,Thos Holcomb and Samuel Phelps. Besides this property in Windsor,Tinker also owned a
houselot and other lands in Wethersfield. On 3 May 1654, John Tinker was made a freeman of the Mass Bay Colony. About 1655, he moved to Lancaster, where he served as town clerk and selectman. In August 1659, JohnTinker moved with his family to New London, CT, where he settled on a 240-acre farm on the east side of the Thames River, within present-day Groton. He took charge of the disorganized affairs of Governor John Winthrop the younger, traveling often to Boston and Hartford. He served as Moderator of the Town Meeting and Deputy to the General Court for New London. His estate amounted to 145 pounds 15 shillings.

     Birth: 13 JUL 1613 in Cluar Parish, New Windsor, Berkshire, England or Yorkshire
     Note: Red Oak Tree says he wasborn1622 in Yorkshire, Eng
     Death: 21 OCT 1662 in Hartford, Ct.
     Note: His estate amounted to 145 pounds and 15 shillings. On 10 Mar 1663/4 the Connecticut General Court ordered
     that the charge and expenses of his sickness and funerall shall be paid by the Publique Treasure and was 8,6.4
     Burial: Center Cemetery
     Baptism: 18 JUL 1613 New Windsor, Berkshire,England
     Immigration: 1637 New England
     Occupation: planter and an undertaker[contracted to sell for others] acted as an agent BET 1638 AND 1640 Eng
     land and New England
     Residence: Boston,Salem,Groton and Lancaster, Ma. & Weathersfield,Hartford & New London, Ct. BET 1637
     AND 1662
     Residence: 1658 New London, New London, Ct.
     Event: Church Member 5 FEB 1653/54 Boston Church
     Event: Frman 3 MAY 1654 Massachusetts Bay Colony
     Note: With others , he petitioned the General Court to establish Groton, Mass. On Jul 23,1655 it was granted and
     John was appointed a town selectman for 2 years. About 1655, he moved from Boston to Lancaster and was a town clerk and a selectman. On Nov 13,1655 he was fined ten shillings for selling a gill of strong water to 3 Indians. On Oct 19,1958 he contracted with the General Court for the fur trade of Lancaster and Groton. In August of 1659 he moved his family to New London. Here he took charge of the affairs of Governor John Winthrop the younger, going to Boston and Hartford. On Feb 25, 1659/60 he was Moderator of the New London Town Meeting and served as a Deputy to the General Court there in1660. On May 17,1660, he was chosen by the Court as an Assistant [or
magistrate] for New London for the ensuing year. He also sat on bankruptcy and appraised estates.
Event: appointed 9/1657-selectman & clerk Lancaster, Mass., .

     Marriage 1 Sarah Wilshire BARNES b: /1625/1627/Aug1620 in London

          Married: JUL 1648 in Boston, Mass.

     Marriage 2 Alice Homan SMITH b: 20 DEC 1629 in England

          Married: -by 9 Dec 1649-possibly1651 in Boston, Suffolk,Mass.


        1. Sarah TINKER b: 2 JAN 1651 in Lancaster,Suffolk,Mass
        2. Mary TINKER b: 2 JUL 1653 in Lancaster,Worcester, Mass.
        3. John TINKER b: 14 AUG 1655 in Lancaster, Suffolk,Mass.
        4. Amos TINKER b: 4 APR 1656 in Lancaster, Suffolk,Mass.
        5. Amos TINKER b: 28 OCT 1657 in Lancaster,Worcester Mass.,
        6. Samuel TINKER b: 1 APR 1660 in Lyme, New London, Conn.
        7. Son TINKER b: 28 MAR 1660 in New London, New London, Conn, U.S.A.
        8. Rhoda Rookdey TINKER b: 23 FEB 1662 in New London, New London, Conn., U.S.A>


        1.Abbrev: John Tinker and His Family
          Author: Winifred Lovering Holman, S.B.--1934
          Publication: Spencer Wilkie Tinker,Editor 1978 in Honolulu, Hawaii
          Text: Compiled for Henry Fletcher,an attorney of N.Y.C.
               Name: My Home
               In Tinker Folder
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