William H. Shipman (son of Stephen) 
m. Harriet Goodsell (in 1826) 
William H. Shipman 1827-1853 
m. Eliza Thayer 1820-1908
Stephen Shipman 1841-1874 
m. Mary Howard 
(daughtor of Zerah S. Howard) 1841-1919 
Jane (1810-1818) 
Amoret (1817-1819), 
Harvey (1843-1871 Civil War Vet), Harriet, Ellen, Sarah J.,Sarah B.
Stephen A. Shipman 1870-1941 
Catherine Callahan 1872-1897 
(later m. Kathryn McArthy) 
Marguerite Shipman 1896- 
Truak Reagen
Stephanie Shipman 1907-1998 
Carlton Yager 1901-1982 
(view the Yager line here)
Elizabeth A. Yager 1934- 
m.James C. Glass 1937- 
m. Glenn Kopperud 
Rebecca A. Glass b. 1962- 
m. Anthony Knudson b. 1962 - 

Mary Elizabeth Glass b. 1967- 
m. Larry Nelson 

Sarah J. Glass b. 1969- 
m. Mark Lahren

Stephen C. Glass 1964- 
m. Kay Duysen 1964-
(m. 1986-2002)