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Human Physiology and Space
Teaching Sources


Farming In Space

Sharing NASA - allows students to share in the excitement of authentic scientific pursuits like spacecraft explorations of distant planets and space-based life sciences research.

NASA Quest Project provides support and services for schools, teachers, and students to fully utilize the Internet, and its underlying information technologies, as a basic tool for learning.

NASA Spacelink - hosts NASA’s educational publications, the NASA Television education schedule, and provides
     hundreds of subject-related links.

NASA Kids - providing kid level science information from NASA. Has teacher resources, latest NASA news,
     rockets, astronauts, puzzles, games, space, and more.

Real-Time data - watch NASA TV; track the Space Shuttle, Space Station, and Mir and obtain sighting opportunities;
     or get weather forecasts for Space Shuttle launch and landing sites.

NASA's Education Program Space.comLots of cool links, pics and movies

Robotics Vehicle Group - performs research, development, and tests of mobile robots in support of planetary
     exploration missions and terrestrial applications for NASA and other government     agencies.

Space Kids astronomy images, Mars exploration, news, and teachers' resources from

The Hubble Telescope: Shedding Light on the Universe   
BHubble Telescope News Center

Be an Astronomer from Your Own Window!
Techniques for at-home astronomy.

Human Physiology and Space

Aging and Space Flight
The Body in Space
Why do I need a space suit?
Exercise and Space Flight I
Exercise and Space Flight II
Space-Based Fight Against Disease
Biological Monitoring in Space
Life Sciences Data Archive 
Space Medicine for Long Term Flight

Teaching Sources

Aeronautics Activities
Rocket Activities
Glenn Learning Project
FoilSim Applett
Engine Sim Applett
Space Settlement Design page
Solar Powered Vehicles
Aerodynamic activities
Live from Earth and Mars
Space Food and Nutrition Educator's Guide

Educational Guide to the Solar System

Investigating Plants in Space
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

Space Education