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As work progresses, you shall see the family tree grow, complete with photos, birth certificates and other interesting info.
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The list begins, well.... at the beginning!  The first record I have available of any of my relatives coming to this country is John Tinker, who came to live in Hartford, Conn. I have his date of death listed at 1662.  I also have a line marked from a Edward Shipman, who died in 1697. The lines come together with my great-great grandfather (Stephen), whose name I carry. Try to follow the tree below. Some names will have links to photos and other data.
Shipman          Tinker




The Shipman Line

Edward Shipman (b.?) Probably from Yorkshire , England
Middlesex County, Conn.
Edward Shipman 1620-1697 b. in Hull, Yorkshire,England. Came to the US in 1639 (One of the Founders of Saybrook Conn) .In 1672 he was a townsman, or selectman (now councilman). He volunteered and served in the Narragansett War (one of the soldiers who went to give food to the Uncas during the blockade) and in recognition received five acres of land in 1678 from the town.Given 3,000 acres of land within sight of Hartford in will of Indian Sachem Uncas, 1676. 
m. Elizabeth Comstock in 1650 in Norwalk Conn.
( b. in 1631in Culmstock, Devonshire, England-d. 15 JUL 1659 in New London, New London, CT)
Other Marriage: 
(Mary Chandler, aka Mary Andrews b. 1650-1704, m. in 1663)
Old Home in Saybrook
Check out the news in
Hull, Yorkshire England
 Parnel Shipman 
m. Joseph Clark
William Shipman 1656-1725
m. Alice Hand (1669-1741) in 1690
Elizabeth Shipman b.1652 
m. John Hobson in 1672 
Edward Shipman 1653-1711 
m. Abigail --- 
Child - Pricilla b.1697 -d. Sept. 24 1791 
m. Joseph Clarke Jan 1693 Saybrook Conn.
Alice Shipman b. 1704 
John Shipman b. 1705 
Mary Shipman b. 1706 
m. Joseph Curtice in 1746 
Sarah Shipman b. 1709 
Temperance Shipman
m. William Sweetland in 1728
Stephen Shipman I 1698-1746  b. in Colchester,New London,Ct 
d. Saybrook,Ct
m. Mary Pellet (1690-1746) in July, 1720
Edward Shipman b.1691 
m. Sarah Munger (d. 1718) in 1716 
William Shipman 1691-1757 
m. Hannah Brown in 1731 
Benjamin Shipman 1693-1762 
m. Charity Morris  (1696-1777) in 1720 
Daniel Shipman b. 1698 
m. Jerush Mather (1685-1749) in 1725 
Dr. Samuel Shipman 1701-1764 
m. Martha Shipman (1699-1769) in 1724 


David Shipman b. 1725 
Mary Shipman b. 1726 
Hannah Shipman 1728-1746 
Ezekial Shipman ? (died young) 
Abigail Shipman b. 1731 
Stephen Shipman II
b. Sept 8,1721 Charlestown,Boston,Suffolk,Ma 

m. Mary Dix (Dyks b. 1727) Sept 29, 1743

Johnathan Shipman 1723-1806 
m. Abigail Fox (1723-1821) in 1748 
Daniel Shipman 1732-1809 
m Keziah in 1759 
David Shipman b. 1723 
(died at 6 months) 
Mary Shipman
Reuban Shipman
Stephen Shipman III (Capt.)
(Revolutionary war Vet)
b. Feb 20, 1750 in Glastonbury,Hartford,Connecticut 
d. 1834 Hartford,Conn.
m. Eunice Raye(b. Dec 18,1769 d. Jan 21 1849 in IL) in 1790
Mary Shipman
Hannah Shipman
John Shipman
Charles Shipman
m. Sally Gillium
Reuben Shipman
Glastonbury, Conn
m. Claressa Bulhy
Eunice Shipman
Stephen Shipman b. 1798
James Madison Shipman
William H. Shipman 1804-1880
m. Harriet Goodsell 1804-1860
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George Shipman
b. 1818
m. Ruth Goodrich
Katy Shipman b. 1857
m. Jacob Mink
Julia Mink
m. Stuart E. Landers



 The Tinker Line

Randall Tinker 

Robert Tinker 1565-1624 New Windsor, Berks, England 
m.Agness Berrington (b. Oct 1568-Dec 1600) on Feb 14 1589 
m. Mary Merwin in Jan 26, 1601
(b. 1575 Amersham,Bucks,Eng)

Anne Tinker 1616-1683 
Rhoda Tinker 1611-1694 
Robert Jr.1608-1625
John Tinker**
Born 13 Jul 1613 in Cluar Parish, Eng 
Died 21 Oct 1662 in Hartford, CT 
Occupation: Planter and Undertaker 
m. Sarah (Wilshire)Barnes  in Jul 1648, 1620- 1648 
(later,m. Alice (Smith) in 1649  1629-1714 
Sarah Tinker 1601-1617 
Helen Tinker b. 1604 
Mary Tinker Aug 6,1606 - 1670 
Sarah Tinker 1651-1652 
Mary Tinker 1653-1685 
(m. William Waller in 1675) 
Later m. James Stancliff in 1685
Amos Tinker 1657-? 
m. Sarah Durant in 1682 

John Tinker 1655-1688 
Rhoda Tinker 1662 
Samuel Tinker 1658-1733 
(m. Abigail Durant in 1685)
Mary Tinker b. 1692 in Lyme Conn. 
m. Quarles Smith" 1678-1745 
(his Father was John Smith
John Tinker 1686-? 
m. Hannah -? 

Sarah Tinker b. 1689 
(m. Ephraim Jones) 
Amos Tinker b. 1695-1760 
(m. Lucy Lee in 1717) 
Samuel Tinker 1697-1776 
(m. Elizabeth Harris
Johnathan Tinker 1700-1747 
m Elizabeth Manwaring in 1725 
(b. 1702)
Elizabeth Smith
Edward Tinker 1720-1800 
(m. Lucy Harris) 

Sarah Tinker
m. John Hall 
Lucy Tinker
m. Danial Harris, 
m.Peter Rogers (1718-1793) 
John Tinker
m. Elizabeth Daniels 
Ann Tinker
m. John Rogers 
Elizabeth Tinker
m. Stephen Chappell 
Mary Tinker
m. John Keeney 
John Tinker 1750-1788 
m. Desire Hilyard 
Hannah Tinker b. 1747 
Edward Tinker (died as infant) 
Lucy Tinker
m. James Darrow 
Mary Tinker 1756-1822 
m. George Rogers 
Elizabeth Tinker b. 1755 
m. William Rogers 
m. John Owen
Edward Tinker II 1745-1838 
m. Mary Darrow 

Daniel Tinker
m. Elizabeth Fellows 
Josiak Tinker 1764-1802 
m. Elizabeth Harris 
Jeremiah Tinker
m. Mary Lester 
Sarah Tinker 1760-? 
m. John Fowler 
Charlotte Tinker
m. John Comstock 
Rebecca Tinker b.1753
Sally Tinker
m. "Mr. Darrow" 
then m. John Howard 
Richard Tinker
m. Sally Harris 

Clarisa Tinker
Grace Tinker
m. Thomas Gray 
Elizabeth Tinker
m. Daniel Comstock 
Edward Tinker
m. Eliza Ann 
Mary Tinker
m. Daniel Comstock
Sarah Howard
Adeline Tinker 1806-1889 
m. Zerah S. Howard

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William Tinker 1802-1878 
m. Emily Chappell (1807-1838) 
m. Margaret Egbert (1809-1859)