The Yagers came from Switzerland (Frauenkirch) in  1800. They settled in California, near Ione, Sutter's Mill...
Up to 1927 the surname of the family has been "Jager" (with an umlaut over the 'a') (English:  Hunter), for generations.
    --On 12.4.1927 (April 12, 1927) the name was officially changed to "Jeger".
    --Members of the clan who emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1800 changed their name to "Yager".

Note: "Jori" is a varient of George

Jori Jager b. Frauenkirch, Switzerland, b. Aug. 31 1783 
d. April 7, 1865
Wife: Elsbeth Valour b. Oct. 18 1790
d. May 20, 1857

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George Yager I
m. Anna Zeiger 
Ursula Jager (b. August 1819 in Frauenkirch)
Bartely Jager (b. March 18, 1823_)
Elsbeth Jager (May 13, 1825)
Mary Yager
The sons of Mary Yager-Mattley 
(Jackson, CA) 

Paul Yager
Maryaret Yager
Eva Yager
Peter Yager
m. Ursala Zeiger 

Maryaret, Mary, Eva, Ursula, Elizabeth, Peter
George J. Yager II
m. Elizabeth Ruedy
Fred Yager
m. Mary  Votaw 
(Children Fred and Catherin Yager) 

Anne Yager
m. Harry Rutledge 
(Child - Dora) 

John Yager 
m. Ida Votaw

Fred & Anne
Carlton Yager 1900-1982

m. Stephanie Shipman in 1931
George Yager III 
Eunice Yager 
Lucille Yager
Elizabeth Yager b. 1934 
m. James C. Glass 1957 (divorced 1982) 
m. Glenn Kopperud in 1997
Stephen Carl Glass b. 1964 Canoga Park, Los Angeles CA.
m. Kay Duysen in 1986. 
(divorced in 2003)
Rebecca A. Glass b. 1962- 
 m. Anthony Knudson b. 1962 - 

 Mary Elizabeth Glass b. 1967- 
 m. Larry Nelson 

 Sarah J. Glass b. 1970- 
 m. Mark Lahren