Glide Reflections

I feel so sorry for the poor glide reflection. Neglected, ignored member of the Euclidean Motions. Overshadowed by slides, flips and turns...

But no more! Now you, too can enjoy this most subtle of motions.

1) What makes this a glide reflection?

2) Show the original glide reflection. Does it make sense? Play with the controls. What do you notice?

3) There's more than one way to slide then flip onto the image. Look at the 2nd and 3rd way. What do you notice?

4) Mathematicians like to specify glide reflections by flipping over the vector that shows the direction and distance of the slide. Show the free glide reflection and make it match the image.

5) Just given a glide reflection, how could you find the mathematician's way to describe it?

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John Golden, Created with GeoGebra