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Math Games

I love to use and create games for teaching and learning mathematics. Here you will find some more recent versions of games packs and other offerings as I get a chance to add to them. These are not all mine, some are traditional games here at GVSU, and some have undoubtedly come from other sources. It's noted when I know it.

Games packs:

  • Gameshandout Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. (Or in one Word file.) This is not meant to printed whole (40+ pages) but select and print as needed. (The pdf parts are at breaks for change to landscape from portrait...)
  • Highschool Pack: GameshandoutHS. Not all HS content, but also included are easily adaptable games.
  • Gameboards pack: gameboardpack.doc

Number cards pack: CardsPack. As a Word file. Or pdfs for individual cards:

Note: Some 2-sided printing is necessary to get the cards right.

I did an adaptation to a classic reasoning card game called Eleusis, and then got to discuss it with the original author. His page is a great one, so please check out Robert Abbot's homepage, the Eleusis page, or one of his logic mazes at Games magazine

There are two of my old games pages: here and here. They are in html if you want to browse online.

The online games store I most commonly frequent is Fun Again. Good commercial math games include:

  • Beat the Count (early counting, numeral recognition)
  • Blokus (great strategy/sequential reasoning)
  • Category 5 (2 digit number comparison and difference estimation)
  • Kataminos (geometry transformations, puzzle reasoning)
  • Mastermind (deduction game extraordinaire)
  • Rat-a-Tat-Cat (single digit number comparison, probability)
  • Ricochet (2-digit number ordering/comparison)
  • Set (characteristics, sorting)
But in general, strategy games are good for math. Classics like Backgammon, Chess, Connect Four, or Solitaire (especially Pyramid Solitaire for grades 2-3), or more modern games like Magic, Pokemon, or Settlers of Catan. I would also encourage you to checkout Cheapass Games which often have very nice design and cheap to produce materials. Just like we need for school!

For materials, the least expensive place I have found is Nasco. (I love the AI Abacus aka rekenrek.) Dice, counters, 2-color counters, number cards... load up!