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The yellow pentagon is the preimage of all the others shown. The three motions that could be used are translation by the vector, F to E, rotation by angle ABC around the center point, or reflection across the mirror.

Your job is to figure out which motion or combination of motions was used to get the yellow to (1) Blue, (2) Brown, (3) Purple and (4) Red. You may change the shape and the controllers for the motions. Note that not all three motions were used for each image.

If you really need to, show the hint buttons. But please try without them first. Think about how to describe how you figured each one out. Refreshing the page will hide any hints shown.

The slide is controlled by the vector F to E, the turn is controlled by angle ABC and the point marked center, and the reflection is over the unmarked line segment.

Original sketch: motionpuzzles.gsp (right click and "save target as...")

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