PLS 300 Political Analysis


Campus Labs

R is found in the “Statistics” folder, within Department Applications on the desktop of campus computer labs. Choose “CRAN R” then look for the R icon.

RStudio is there as well.  

Downloading your own copy

R statistical software

     for Windows

     for Mac



R for Dummies will help you get started.  Beyond that, see the resources on the GVSU Data Inquiry Lab homepage.

Report writing

APSA style guide

Assignment 2

Please read over the instructions and then download the materials for Assignment 2:

Assignment 2 instructions

Assignment 2.R

Speeches: reagan, trump

Assignment 1

Assignment 1.R (an R script file. Note the file extension)

Open this file in RStudio.

Assignment Instructions; download these too:

Assignment 1.pdf (things you will need to do)

Here are some examples of Assignment 1 Graphics Help.html, and notes on the scatterplot command you are asked to do at the end of Assignment 1.  

See the following:  Notes on descriptive statistics and visualizations and Examples with R commands


More Help!

When you need help getting started, consult the Short Guide to Getting Started with R.  

For further help getting started:

The UCLA Stats help center has many resources on R. This introductory set of slides describes basics use.

Additional resources:

A pretty good guide, “Undergraduate Guide to R”. There’s another “Introductory R”.