Applying to the lab

I am always on the lookout for well-qualified, motivated graduate and undergraduate students to join the lab! Your research interests should align well with mine, and space in the lab fluctuates depending on funding and project availability.


As a research mentor, I strive to provide as much guidance as you need on all stages of your project. I will also provide guidance on future prospects, including graduate school and jobs. In return, I expect a lot! I encourage you to apply for external funding for your research, and to produce publication quality work. I will guide you through this process.


Ideally, graduate students should be funded by an assistantship, which will allow you to focus solely on graduate school and research. Availability of assistantships is variable. The GVSU Biology department offers a handful of highly competitive graduate and teaching assistantships, and selection of students for these assistantships is based on GPA and GRE scores.


There are a number of opportunities for undergraduate funding, and I routinely mentor students in these programs. These include the Student Summer Scholars program at GVSU, the Undergraduate Research Grants for the Environment Program at PCCI, and the REU-QUEST program through GVSU’s Annis Water Resources Institute.


If you are interested in joining the lab, contact me. Please send information about yourself including your research interests, a CV or resume, and what kind of experience you are looking for.



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