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Joe Altobelli

(M.S. Student)

Nesting and neonate ecology of eastern box turtles

Lab members

Jennifer Moore, PhD

(Principal Investigator)

Arin Thacker


Long-term spatial ecology of eastern massasauga rattlesnakes at PCCI

Caleb Krueger


Long-term spatial ecology of eastern massasauga rattlesnakes at PCCI

2200p Kindschi Hall | Allendale, MI 4901 | Office: 616.331.8764 | moorejen@gvsu.edu

I am a conservation biologist and molecular ecologist, with a background in behavioral ecology and GIS. My research and teaching interests are broad, and include landscape genetics, behavioral ecology, conservation genetics, herpetology, population demography and spatial ecology. I have worked on a broad range of wildlife, but I am particularly interested in amphibians and reptiles because of their unique life history characteristics, and their globally imperiled status.


I teach Herpetology, Conservation Biology, Introduction to Natural Resource Systems, and Landscape Ecology.


moorejen@gvsu.edu††† @DrReptilia

Danielle Bradke

(M.S. Student)

Population demography and effective population size in Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnakes

Lab Alumni

Morgan Kelley (BIO B.S. 2017)

Jeff Bartman (BIO B.S. 2015), Masterís student at Eastern Michigan University

Breanna Gould (BIO B.S. 2015), Masterís student at New Mexico Highlands University

Nathan Kudla

(M.S. Student)

Landscape genetics of eastern massasauga rattlesnakes

Eve Choi

(M.S. Student)

Morphological and genotoxic effects of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis on amphibians