Steven Schlicker


Department of Mathematics

Grand Valley State University

Office: C-2-415 MAK


Personal Information: You can find some information about me here.


Research with Undergraduates: I have been involved with the GVSU REU program for many years. I enjoy working with undergraduates and it is a major part of my scholarship. More information about my past projects can be found here.


Active Calculus: My colleague, Matt Boelkins created a free, open-source single variable calculus text titled Active Calculus. I followed up by taking the lead to write a multivariable version, Active Calculus Multivariable. Information about Active Calculus and Active Calculus Multivariable can be found at the Active Calculus homepage.


My Classes: You can find information about my classes here.


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University Home Page:  The university home page.