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Extensive Bibliography: Books, Anthologies, Translations, Edited Editions and Articles by Kaufmann; I am indebted to Kent Lewis for making this available.

Walter Kaufmann Bibliography

Articles by Kaufmann

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“The Fall: November 22, 1963,” in Of Poetry and Power: Poems Occasioned By the Presidency and By the Death of John F. Kennedy, ed. by Erwin A. Glikes and Paul Schwaber. New York : Basic Books, 1964.

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Kaufmann, W. (1978) Buber's Failures and Triumph. Revue Internationale de Philosophie. 1978; 32: 441-459

Book Reviews by Kaufmann

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Kaufmann, W. (1967) review of Loewenberg, J. Hegel's Phenomenology: Dialogues on the Life of Mind. The Philosophical Review, Vol. 76, No. 3. (Jul., 1967), pp. 389-392

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