Akalu Tefera born and raised in a small town in ETHIOPIA. Wait!..., if I started from here, I would never be able to finish this page.

He was the 2006-07 MLK Visiting Professor at MIT in the Department of Mathematics. While he was there, among other things, he was actively involved in undergraduate teaching and participated in the most dynamic combinatorics group seminars. Currently he is a Professor of Mathematics at GVSU. He joined GVSU in the Fall of 2000 after completing his Ph.D. in Mathematics in the Department of Mathemtatics at Temple University in August, 2000, under the supervision of Doron Zeilberger, one of the most influential living mathematicians and a wonderful mentor. Before he joined Temple University in Sept, 1995, he received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree in Mathematics from the Addis Ababa University in July 1989 and 1992, respectively. In the same University, he worked for the Department of Mathematics from Sept, 1989 to Aug, 1995 as a Graduate Assistant, Asistant Lecturer, and Lecturer of Mathematics and Computer Science.

He enjoys learning and teaching all sorts of mathematics, and his research area of interests include computer algebra, automated theorem proving, combinatorics, and "their derivatives" or "equivalent class". He has also strong interest in collaborative research with undergraduates.

You might be curious to find out about Akalu Tefera's mathematical genealogy.

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