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view of tintern abbey
William Gilpin's "Picturesque" view of Tintern Abbey
from Observations on the River Wye (1782)

The Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE)

Pastoral Poetry (Deborah Schwartz)
The Sublime: William Blake links:

Enclosures and the commons
John Clare and 'The Tragedy of the Enclosures' ("The Land Is Ours" Historical Archive site, UK)
"Pastoral and popular modes in Clare's 'enclosure elegies'" (John Goodridge)
A modern article on "Reclaiming the Commons" (David Bollier, Boston Review)
Here's another more quickly loading version of the same article
Garrett Hardin, "The Tragedy of the Commons" (with sections from "The Tragedy of the Commons Revisited")
The Science version of Hardin's "The Tragedy of the Commons" (with links to articles that cite this article)
British Romantic Nature Poets
The Picturesque: Coleridge: Keats:
John Clare:
The John Clare page at Nottingham Trent University
John Clare and 'The Tragedy of the Enclosures' ("The Land Is Ours" Historical Archive site, UK)
"Pastoral and popular modes in Clare's 'enclosure elegies'" (John Goodridge)
"Pastoral and popular modes in Clare's 'enclosure elegies'" (Part Two--discusses "To a Fallen Elm" and "Helpstone Green")
George Catlin

Medicine Painter: George Catlin on the Upper Missouri, 1832:
Catlin’s sketch of a buffalo:


American Transcendentalism Web:
Overview and Definitions of American Transcendentalism:

Henry David Thoreau
The Thoreau Reader: The Works of Henry D. Thoreau, 1817-1862

Includes: The Maine Woods (Entire book, contents, links): 

Walking (Entire essay):
And a link to A study text of Walking (Margaret M. Brulatour)
Writings of Henry D. Thoreau (Project to publish all of Thoreau's journals):

Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson (Complete works, including Nature.)

Ralph Waldo Emerson Texts (Loads slowly)

John Ruskin:
"Of the Pathetic Fallacy"
"Ruskin's Discussion of the Pathetic Fallacy" (George Landow, Victorian Web)
Japanese Haiku, with emphasis on Basho:
Text (with notes and illustrations) of Basho's Narrow Road to the Deep North: (best viewed with Internet Explorer)

Basho's Life:

The Japanese Haiku Masters: Links, References, Resources:

A History of Haiku: Before Basho and Basho

World Haiku Review:

Imagism and after:
Imagism (my handout with links)
American Modernist Writiers and the Orient (Yale University)
E. E. Cummings
MAPS page on E. E. Cummings:

Spring: The Journal of the E. E. Cummings Society
"Nature in the Poetry of E. E. Cummings"
"E. E. Cummings: The New Nature Poetry and the Old"
"The Osmotic Mandala: on the Nature of Boundaries in E.E. Cummings' Poetry"
Gary Snyder
MAPS page on Gary Snyder:
Wilderness Society:
Evolution links: (Paul Avery, Physics, U of Florida)
Evolution links: (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Richard (Site of prominent pro-Evolution scientist) (For Creationism) (Against Creationism)
Evolution and Americans (1991 and 97 Gallup Poll): (scroll down)
Why people are for or against evolution: (scroll down)
The Creation Foundation (UK):
Evolution Is
Text of Darwin's Origin of Species:
Ecofeminist Philosophy:
Ecofeminism: (A class web site)

Literary Criticism on the Internet:
Literary (". . . an index to literary criticism on the internet, covering more than 250 English and American authors of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. ")
Sources for Electronic texts:
University of Virginia Electronic Text Center: [some access limited]

University of Toronto English Library:

Representative Poetry Online (University of Toronto)

Project Bartleby at Columbia University:

Renascence Editions: An Online Repository of Works Printed in English Between the Years 1477 and 1799
Writing Links:
P. Currah's MLA Style Guide
Citation Style for Research Papers:
Calvin College's MLA Citation Machine:
A Handbook of Terms for Discussing Poetry (Harry Rusche)
An Approach to Reading and Writing About Poems (Deborah Schwartz) (Excellent for a commercial site)

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