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1.  Greek and Roman sites
The Classical Myth Home Page 

Perseus Project:
[Features information on all aspects of the ancient Greek and Roman world. Many texts  and images but somewhat hard to navigate.] 

Gods of Olympus--study chart of Greek and Roman Gods. 

Mythological scene (Norse or Celtic) from the Gundestrup cauldron
The Theoi Project: A Guide to Greek Gods, Spirits, and Monsters

The Classics Technology Center

2.  General Myth Indexes:
Christopher Siren's Myth Index:
Maintained by Christopher Siren, this is the best index to myth sites I’ve found.  Lists by region loads of sites, mostly re-tellings of myth stories.]
Siren's Myth Index without Frames

Encyclopedia Mythica: 

Exploring Ancient World Cultures:

3.  A Good Norse Myth Site:
Germanic Myths, Legends, and Sagas:
4.  Web Sites to Hebrew, Sumerian, and Babylonian Cultures
 (Bible and Mesopotamian Myth)
The Book of Genesis (Revised Standard Version):

Search Eight Different Translations of the Bible:

Oriental Institute, University of Chicago:
 [Authoritative, impeccable scholarship, if a bit puzzling to navigate--check out their ABZU index to Ancient Near Eastern Resources on the web.]

 Christopher Siren’s Sumerian Myth site: 

Christopher Siren’s Babylonian Myth site:

Christopher Siren’s Canaanite Myth site:

5. Miscellaneous
The Ancient Olympic Games (Perseus Project)

The Joseph Campbell Foundation

The Greek Mythology Link

A lecture on Greek and Roman Religion by Carl Seaquist, Univ. of Pennsylvania:

Heroes and Journeys: Miss Shaw's Mythology Teaching Ideas:

"Journey to Noman's Land" (a paper on recognitions and identity in the Odyssey):

"The Wanderings of Odysseus: An Allegory of the Soul" (a theosophical religious interpretation)

6. Some Images:
Greek Art and Architecture:

Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome (mostly Rome):

Links to Specific Images from Perseus

Aeneas carrying Anchises and another view
Ajax and Cassandra
Birth of Athena (Berlin vase)
Birth of Athena (Boston vase)
Birth of Athena (detail of Boston vase)
Athena and Amphitrite
Atlas and Prometheus (Etruscan Museum at the Vatican, 152 K)
Robin Mitchell-Boyask's "Images of the Trojan War Myth." (links to Perseus images)
Death of Priam
Death of Orpheus
Images of Mycenae (60 thumbnails)
Oedipus and the Sphinx
Perseus chasing a Gorgon
Theseus slays the Minotaur

Other Images:

Hercules, Greece's Greatest Hero (Perseus Project)

Heracles tames Cerberus

A tutorial on Greek painted pottery:
(Beazley Archive, Oxford University)

Another tutorial on Athenian vases--how they were used and how they were made:

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Origins of Western Religion course
[From Santa Clara University, course now seems defunct.]

Mythos: Legends of the World’s Cultures