New Series, Number 1



Introduction, The Editors. 3 [contains a short history of Spring.]

About the Cover: Sidney Chavetz' "Nobody Loses All the Time"
    Richard S. Kennedy  7

The Dial's "White-Haired Boy":
E. E. Cummings as Dial Artist, Poet, and Essayist
   Milton A. Cohen  9

Cummings' Him--and Me
    Linda Wagner-Martin 28

E. E. Cummings, A Major Minor Poet
    Richard S. Kennedy 37

"Brilliant Obscurity": The Reception of The Enormous Room
    Paul Headrick 46

Language and Silence in The Enormous Room
    Taimi Olsen 77

William Slater Brown and The Enormous Room
    The Editors 87

Poems by Joel Lipman, B. E. Stock, Gus Pelletier, Errol Miller,
    Helen Ruggieri, Barry L. Dordick, Joseph M. Ditb,
    Arthur Lerner, Gayl Teller, Doris Lanier 92

E. E. Cummings, "Petite Arbre," Texte francais de D. Jon Grossman 105

An E. E. Cummings Stamp?
    The Editors 108

Not "e. e. cummings"
    Norman Friedman 114

Real Productions, "UNREALITIES," and the Centennial
    Eric G. Nord 122

E. E. Cummings: A Reference Guide (Again) Updated, Part One (to 1986)
    Guy Rotella 127

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