SPRING 16 (2007) Contents Cover for Spring 16

Introduction / About the Cover
The Editor                                                                                5

New Views of the Poetry

E. E. Cummings’ Subversive Petrarchan Politics                        7
Jeffrey S. Sychterz

Cummings and Temporality                                                    20
Richard D. Cureton

The Yin Dynamic in Cummings' Poetry                                   40
Etienne Terblanche

Infinite Images: Mirrors as a Symbol of Continuous Rebirth
in E. E. Cummings' Poetry                                                       60
Sheridan L. Steelman

Featured Poets / Translation                                                75

John Edwin Cowen, Gerald Locklin, Jacques Demarcq
Cummings and Eros: Five Love Poems                                    90
Note by Sergio Di Giacomo
Translation by Salvatore Di Giacomo

The Enormous Room Revisited Again

The Enormous Room Seven Years after
John M. Gill's Final Visit at La Ferté Macé 
Gillian Huang-Tiller
Cummings' Plan of the Dêpot de Triage                                    99
Michael Webster and Philip Persenaire
Letter to Scofield Thayer [late October, 1917]  
E. E. Cummings                                                                    103
Link: Photo of the 1917 letter to Scofield Thayer (Beinecke Library, Yale University)
A Forgotten La Ferté-Macé Letter: E. E. Cummings to Scofield Thayer
John M. Gill                                                                           105

More Poems

T.P. Perrin, Michael Rodriguez, Ben Nicholson, Carol Wade, E. M. Schorb,
Lorene Hamilton, Rebecca Stull, Richard Lighthouse

Cummings and Modernism

Poetry & Expanding the Ecological Self:
A Contextualization of Cummings' Typographies within the Modernist Ecological Vision
Aaron Moe                                                                             134

E. E. Cummings and "The New Art"                                        156
Sarah Wasserman


The Poetry of José Garcia Villa: Review of Doveglion: Collected Poems (Penguin, 2008).                 163
Thomas Dorsett

Review of Isabelle Alfandary, E. E. Cummings, ou la miniscule lyrique (Belin, 2002)                      176
Michael Webster

News, Notes & Correspondence                                         182

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