SPRING 17 (2010) Contents Cover for Spring 17

Introduction/About the Cover
The Editors

Aphoristic EEC: Jottings

The Tiny Room: The Jottings of E. E. Cummings
Michael Dylan Welch
E. E. Cummings’ “Jottings” and José Garcia Villa’s “Xocerisms”—Invoking Lyricism in Creating the Poetic Aphorism
John Edwin Cowen

Cummings Creates

The Stuff of Expression: Interpreting Cummings’ Creative Thought through Steven Pinker’s Mentalese
Adam C. Vander Tuig
An Imaginary Dialogue Between An Author And A Public, printed on the book-jacket of my first play
E. E. Cummings
Program Note for Him
E. E. Cummings                                             
Explication of “An Imaginary Dialogue,” the Dust Jacket Blurb for Him
E. E. Cummings
“almost all I don’t know about art”: E.E. Cummings Explicates His Dust Jacket Blurb for Him
Michael Webster


Jim Glaser, Geoffrey Craig, Luke Maguire Armstrong, and E.M. Schorb

Teaching Cummings

The Bonus Question
Drew Lankford
Learning to Live in “a pretty how town”
Rai Peterson
“Is” as an Action Verb: Cummings and the Act of Being
W. Todd Martin
Time and Form: Teaching E. E. Cummings
Richard D. Cureton
Notes for Cummings: A Resource for Students and Teachers
Michael Webster

More Poems

Ken Carstens, Rebecca Lilly, Mark Jenkins, Richard Lighthouse, Henry Sosnowski, Wayne Daniel, Thomas Dorsett,
Jeremy Halinen, and Michael Dylan Welch

War and the Underclass

“Wristers Etcetera”: Cummings, the Great War, and Discursive Struggle

Tim Dayton
E. E. Cummings and the Under Classes: The Enormous Room
Millie Kidd


A Review of Iain Landles’ The Case for Cummings (VDM, 2008)
Aaron Moe

News, Notes & Correspondence

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