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Introduction / About the Cover 

Three Memorials: Rushworth M. Kidder, John Edwin Cowen, and Robert Wegner
Michael Webster

Cummings and the Child

His Dream, Her Reality: Two Principles of Mental Functioning in E. E. Cummings' Him
Simon Powers-Schaub

Cummings and Children: What Happened with Diana Barton?
M. Teresa González Mínguez

Lugete: The Divine Lost and Found Child in Cummings
Michael Webster

An Ontological Crisis: Rethinking E. E. Cummings’ Fairy Tales
Aaron Moe


From Poems from Dylan’s Wales
John Edwin Cowen    

les calder
Jacques Demarcq

Cummings and the Erotic

Love, Unlove, and Lust: Cummings’ Use of the Surreal in his Love and Erotic Poetry
April D. Fallon

“my sweet old etcetera”: Reading and Critiquing the Erotic in E. E. Cummings’ Poetry
Liz Reilly

Pursuing a Strategy of Fulfillment: Cummings’ Erotic Language
Millie Kidd

A(r)mor amoris: Modernist Blazon, History, and the Body Politic of Cummings’ Erotic Sonnetry in & [AND]
Gillian Huang-Tiller

More Poems

Wayne Daniel, Greg Moglia, E. M. Schorb, Guy Beining, Gerald Locklin, Michael Vaughn, and Max West

Cummings, Villa, Cowen: an Appreciation of Mathematics of Love
Review of John Edwin Cowen’s Mathematics of Love (Cochran, GA: Anaphora Literary Press, October 2011)
Robert Dorsett

Review of Milton A. Cohen’s Beleaguered Poets and Leftist Critics: Stevens, Cummings, Frost, and Williams in the 1930s (Tuscaloosa: U of Alabama P, 2010)
Taimi Olsen

Review of Thomas Fahy’s Staging Modern American Life: Popular Culture in the Experimental Theatre of Millay, Cummings, and Dos Passos (London / New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011).
Heidi Bean

News, Notes & Correspondence

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