New Series, Number 3



     The Editors. 3
About the Cover 5
Announcements 6

Thinking of Cummings 7
        Robert Creeley

Cummings, Goings, Stayings 16
      Theodore Weiss
e. e. c. (= élan et courage) 21
      M. L. Rosenthal

Lyric and Satire, Cummings and Children 30
      Williarn Jay Smith
Three Poems 48
      Jere Knight
Poem 52
      José Garcia-Villa
A Sheaf of Poems 53
      John Tagliabue
Two Poems 61
      Ruth Whitman
Nature in the Poetry of E. E. Cummings 63
      Pushpa N. Parekh
Corn and Creativity: The Paradoxes of E. E. Cummings 72
      Lewis Turco
On the Precision of E. E. Cummings 77
      Lawrence Weinstein
Long Footnotes to Brief References: A Memoir 80
      Aaron Kramer

Poems by Marinade Bellagente LaPalma, Alex Cigale, John Edwin Cowen, Aaron Bell, Rhoda Marilyn Lippel, Susan Lamont, Robert Funge, Gregory A. Clark, Lee Gerstad, Michael Dylan Welch. Arthur Lerner, and Fred A.M. Damiano

VIVA CUMMINGS! On the Road in South America (April 1992) 97
      Stephen R. Scotti
"for love(of E.E.)Cummings," a Chicago Symposium 1993 102
The Chicago Cummings Centennial Festival 1994 111
      June Finfer

The New Yorker, Krazy Kat, Cummings, and John Updike 115
      The Editors
People and Events, 118
      The Editors
For the Record, 124
      The Editors

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