New Series, Number 5



Introduction         6 


The Elusive Marion Morehouse         8
    Richard S. Kennedy
Memories of Marion         19
    Maryette Charlton
Marion Remembered         36
    David V. Forrest, M.D.
The Passing of Cummings and Marion         38
    Yasuo Fujitomi

"Not 'e. e. cummings'" Revisited      41 
    Norman Friedman

A Sheaf of Poems         44
    John Tagliabue


Joseph made Mary         51
Hemingway and Cummings         53
Where are the Yeggs of Yesteryear?         55
A Visit with E. E. Cummings—Reflections and Impressions         59
    Robert E.Wegner

A Garland for E. E. Cummings         71
    Ethan Lewis
Cummings’ Challenge to Academic Standards         78
    David Chinitz
E. E. Cummings’ Lyricism Today         82
    John Edwin Cowen

Seven Poems         90
    Gerald Locklin

A Variant Text of Cummings’"nothing is more exactly terrible than"         101
    Kurt W Harris
A Study of Two Poems: "since feeling is first" and "in time of daffodils(who know"         105
    John M. Gill
The Enormous Room: Cummings’ Reinterpretation of John Bunyan’s Doubting Castle         112
    W. Todd Martin

 Tony Quagliano: "Ivy Manoa" 120
 Deborah Zerden: "Spectator" 121
 John Wilson: "Tania" 122
 Alan Yount: "The Lines on the Back of the Hand" 123
 Daniel R. Barnes: "Overnight Case" 124
 Frank Ryan: "My Mother Prayed to Monks and Clowns’ 126
 Aaron Kramer: "Fortune Cookie" 127
 Tom C. Hunley: "A Cantaloupe Told Him" 128
 Oscar Bearinger: "Too Far From Poetry" 130
 Sharon Shepherd: "e." 131
 George Held: "How Dad Died" 132
 Aaron Bell: "Sonnet" 133
 Arthur Lerner: "E. E. Cummings Meets Walt Whitman" 134
Dorothy Mattson Saychek: "Nobody Knows Where Truth Goes" . 137
Twice Translated? E. E. Cummings in West and East Germany ....         138
    Josef Pesch
E. E. Cummings and the Futurist Art Movement         155
    Taimi Olsen

Poetry in Performance: Scotti and Cummings         161
    Rufus Goodwin
Performing Cummings’ Poetry         169
    Gary Goodrow
Reviews of Him and the Chicago Centennial Celebration         171
    David V. Forrest, M.D.

For the Record          174

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