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Our Trip to Silver Lake (html version)                       7 

Our Trip to Silver Lake (PDF version) 

    Norman Friedman and David V. Forrest, M.D.
    Photographs by Bernard Stehle and David V. Forrest, M.D.

Letters from the Cummingses to Ruth Shackford   18
     Norman Friedman

A Note on Cummings and My Family at Silver Lake   22
     Margaret Foerster

Nobody-But-Himself   26
     Carol L. Batchelder

The Sight of Sound: Cummings’ “oil tel duh woil doi sez”  45 
     Larry Chott

Two Portraits by E. E. Cummings:
Jimmy Savo in Poem and Painting   49
     John T. Ordeman

Sex on Wheels: A Reading of “she being Brand / -new”  55
    Lewis H. Miller, Jr.

The Political Cummings: Iconoclast or Solipsist?  70
     Milton A. Cohen

Occasional Cummings  81
    Michael Dylan Welch

Adolescents Ignored: Perspectives on Teaching Cummings   94
     Audri L. Wood

Michael Dylan Welch   “Nine Waterfall Poems”  106
         “Permutation Poem”   107
         “Breaking Fences”  108
John Pollock    “in Just: this” 109

J. A. Gilbert    “socks (a dialogue)”  110 

 Richard Kostelanetz    Two Circular Poems  111 

Jacque Vaught Brogan    “Notes from the Body—”  112
         “Notes from the Body—(iv)”  114 

 Gayl Teller     “One Small Kindness” 116
         “Moving Day” 117 

Celestine Liu     “Goldengrove Unleaving”  118 

 Robert Dorsett     “A Slow Rhythm to Strip By”  120 

 James Nicosia    “Ice Cream Man”  121 

 Joe E. Kirk     “No Baby, Unloving Zeus”  122 

Jean Starr Untermeyer: A Memoir  123 
     Aaron Kramer

“B” [William Slater Brown]  128
    James Lincoln Collier

Meter in Cummings’ “Free” Verse  153 
    Rai Peterson

The AM of Silence in Cummings’ Later Poems  166
    Kurt W. Harris

Annotated Bibliography
of E. E. Cummings Scholarship: 1985–1993  175
     Kurt W. Harris

For the Record   187

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